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About the Artist

Growing up in Massachusetts in the 70's and 80's, being blinded by the flash cubes of my mother's and great aunt's Kodak Instamatics, it is amazing I can even see at all. Soon they were packing Polaroid One-Step cameras, with equally blinding flash bars, and showing us in exactly 60 seconds just how embarrassing our hair and clothes were. I sure did my share of complaining about posing for those photographs back then, but now those images are some of my most valued possessions .

My father, an offset cameraman, taught me an appreciation of the well printed black and white photograph. He often brought home beautiful picture books of old movie actors and classic architectural works of Boston. I still have a great fondness for collecting books today and, although I have forged ahead into the digital age, the darkroom is still one of my favorite venues to work in.

In the late 80's, I studied at the New England School of Photography in Boston and worked as a photojournalist for a string of newspapers until I found myself moving to Maine. Over the years, I have owned a commercial photography and portrait studio, become a custom picture framer and exhibited my work in New England, New York City and Los Angeles. I have continued studying photography at the Maine College of Art as well as various seminars and conferences.

Most recently, along with street photography and portraiture, I have been working in mixed media. Whether combining encaustic techniques with pastel or image transfer with colored prismacolor pencil, my current works always begin with the photograph.

If you find yourself enjoying some time in our beautiful state of Maine, stop to see me in my cozy little studio, the Shutter Gallery, in lovely downtown Kennebunk.

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