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Fuji Image Transfers

In the 1960's, a member of the Polaroid Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts left a negative out on a countertop and discovered, quite by accident, that an image could be transferred to another surface.

During the 1970's, photographers began experimenting and further exploring the technique of image transfer.

Today, traditional Polaroid Transfers can no longer be created due to the fact that the Polaroid Corporation discontinued the production of their films in February of 2008.

Sounds like a lost art form...but it is not so!

Fuji Film offers a vibrant, peel-apart instant film that keeps the unique, moody, vintage appeal of the image transfer alive.

My work involves shooting color slide film, projecting it onto Fuji FP-100c peel-apart instant film and transferring the image onto acid free Strathmore Bristol Paper.

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The final 3.25" x 4.25" print is then hand colored with Prismacolor Pencils, custom matted and float mounted with acid free materials and framed in an 8x10" gold wood frame.

For close-up views, go to my image galleries page in the main menu.

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